Single (B –) Credit, Metal Stamping Company

Needed to keep balance sheet clean due to bank covenants,desired off balance sheet financing, True Lease
Challenges – recent acquisition created negative net worth,write downs or non-cash write downs
Equipment – Metal stamping and robotics
Total deal 8MM
We provided an 8MM dollar lease line,first takedown of 6MM and then 2MM – we provided progress payments to vendors 84 Month term

Investment Grade (BBB) tied to steel tubing for Fracking

Capital Lease – 120 Month term, 74MM dollar plant
Water Treatment Facility
Challenges – Fixed asset with useful life only in place at steel yard, Parent guarantee from France
Rate and term were important to cash flow, rate fixed in the mid 3’s

Publicly Traded Company in Southern Ohio (CCC) rate company

Vertical Turn Centers, CNC equipment for manufacturing plant
Company just reorganized 2 years prior
Term 60 months with rates in the mid 6’s over 72 months


Single (B) Rated Coal Company

Total Financing of 100MM over 5 years
largest privately held coal company in the US
Had to have off balance sheet financing for bank covenants
Challenges – Coal Mining, Underground Equipment rebuilt and built by the coal mining company not a vendor

Start Up Mining Company

Total Financing – 2MM
Above Ground Financing in WV
Challenges – start up with no balance sheet nor historical financial review
Yellow Iron refinance to free up cash for new start up

Gypsum Mining Company

Total Financing – 6MM
Yellow Iron
Challenges – Private Equity Owned, no tangible net worth
Capital Lease with large balloon to offset cash flow requirements
Rates in the high 4’s

Toronto Based Mining Company Traded on TSX

Total Financed 10MM
(BBB) Investment Grade –
yellow underground iron and ball mill and sag mills
Challenges – Rate and cash flow were important plus the ability to do lease transactions per IFRS guidelines
Rates in the 3’s – fixed over 5 year terms


Privately held Construction Company – Heavy Highway and Civil Construction

Total Financed 10MM
Assets – Yellow Iron and Asphalt Plant
Challenges- Privately held with Private Equity Stake, negative tangible net worth
blend of terms from 36 months to 84 months to match assets useful life

Toronto Canada Based Construction Company, Rated fastest growing companies in Toronto 2014

Total Financed up to 10MM Canadian dollars
Privately Held
Yellow Iron –
Challenges – Client purchases new and used equipment and no personal guarantees
Rates in the mid 4’s and low 5’s based on tenure of assets

Private Equity, National Crane Company

Total Financed 8MM
Privately Held with Private Equity Ownership – company was reorganized as PE firm bought out current owners
Challenges – strict document requirements
84 month terms with rates in low 5’s, off balance sheet financing

Medical Industry

Southern WV Medical Center

Total Financed 4.9MM
Furniture, Fixtures and Expansion Plans
Term, 48 months matching expected ROA on expansion
Challenges – over 30% of collateral was construction build and soft costs

Large Texas Based Hospital

Total Financed 8MM
Equipment – MRI system
Challenges – renovation costs to hospital to install the system exceeded 25% of total hardware cost and has to be off balance sheet financing, True Lease
Term, 60 months with implicit rate to include renovations in the mid 6’s

Ohio Based ER Hospital

Total Financed 4.5MM
Life Flight Rotary Wing Assets
Long Term, 120 Month Financing
Off balance sheet financing – totaling 4.5MM per aircraft